Art by Scott Menzel
I want to rock and shock the world with bold visual poetry.

Art is something hard to explain but it exists and has a power.  I believe my passion to create is the driving force to move myself through life.   It allows me to express how I feel and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  It is my method to prove my self worth when things seem over whelming and it helps me to achieve the peace within myself in a world that can seem complicated.

My art signifies my inner feelings,  struggles,  likes and dreams.  Each creation is a fragment of this journey of discovery.

I create my work digitally which ironically reflects my life which is aided by technology.  Technology is the tool that aids my existence and allows me to be myself when my natural tools fail.  Creating digitally is just an extension of myself in the creation process.

My art is universal in the end result and depends on the final decision of application.  From interior design, public showings to private collections my art can be applied everywhere.

I do it because it feels right to me and I love seeing how what I create connects with the world.  It’s an internal drive fueled by lifes ups and downs in this discovery process. It feeds my desire of not quitting and gives me a focus to point my emotions and desires at while facing life’s fears and unanswered questions."