Architectural Installations
"Seed of Life"
The project for the new center is a project I took to heart. It was one that I spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into. I thought about what the Health center means to the patients and what they are there for. I then took those ideas and put them into my work. I looked at my own personal life and tried to compare what it takes for me to make it threw life’s obstacles because I feel everyone that comes to the center is battling some personal obstacle. Even though each case is not the same there still is a similarity and that similarity is trying to better one’s self.

My vision for this project is to send out a positive message to inspire those who view it. I feel when people enter the center for help they are transforming their life and looking to better themselves.  My conception consists of four different pieces that when they are combined they serve as one message.  The first set of pictures above the fireplace, consist of three large canvases representing the transformation and rebirth of life. I am symbolically using a flower that transforms into a new human spirit to represent the before, the transformation, and the after.  The hanging piece is the fourth and it represents the positive energy needed to grow healthy.

The first picture “ Lost Soul” shows a time in a persons life when they are going threw hard times and battling personal issues. This is the stage in life when people do not know what direction to turn to however there is hope if you look hard enough.  I symbolized hope with a flower budding out from the rocks and vines.  The human is trapped in vines and looks at the bud for hope. I also used darker colors in this one because at this point in your life things seem really dark and you really don’t know where to turn.

In the second picture “The Transformation” this is the important stage in life when people change. This is usually the stage when they are asking for help and want to better themselves for their future. In the picture I symbolized this with a human spirit finally growng out of the flower and seeing the light of positive. The colors in this picture are brighter then the first because this is the time when a person actually sees the light and starts to realize that they can actually improve their life.

In the third picture “Fields of Gold” the spirit matures and blossoms into happiness.  The field is full of blooming souls. Colors are warm and the soul is at peace.

To the left of fireplace is the hanging piece “Positive Energy.”  The hanging piece has three panels representing courage, acceptance and forgiveness, the items I feel that are needed to move on.  Each panel has a budding seed.